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Thursday 02 November

EPDP Code  Function Name  Room Number
MSF3 Basics of Epidemiology for Medical Communicators Workshop room II
PTF14 Time Management for Medical Writers Workshop room VI
PTF18a Writing for the Internet Workshop room VII
DDF17a Ethical Issues in Clinical Trials Workshop room XIII
DDA14b Periodic Benefit-Risk Evaluation Reports Workshop room IX
DDF36 The Impact of Clinical Trial Disclosure on Trial-related Documents: Company Confidential Information, Personal Protected Information  Workshop room XII
MCA8 The Value Story and the Global Value Dossier  Workshop room X

Friday 03 November

EPDP Code  Function Name  Room Number
   Easy morning yoga  Room 1
DDF22a  Drug Safety for Medical Writers Part 1: Adverse Events and Concomitant Medications  Workshop room II
PTF26  Medical Information: an Opportunity for Medical Writers  Workshop room VI
DDF38b CORE Reference - Clarity and Openness in Reporting:E3 based  Workshop room VII
PTF8 Cross-Cultural Communication  Workshop room XII
DDA27 Medical Writing for Biosimilars  Workshop room IX
DDA7 Serving Two Masters: Comparing and Contrasting US and EU Regulatory Submissions and Processes  Workshop room X
LWF15 Using Readability Tools to Help Edit Biomedical Research Articles  Workshop room XII
DDF7 Introduction to Pharmacokinetics  Workshop room II
MCA5 Overcoming Publication Hurdles: Dealing with Biomedical Journals  Workshop room VI
DDF37 Patient Data Protection in Clinical Trial Documents in the Disclosure Era  Workshop room VII
MCF20 Resources for Medical Translators  Workshop room XII
DDA19 Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modelling: an Overview for Medical Writers  Workshop room X
DDA10a Introduction to the Paediatric Investigation Plan Application  Workshop room IX
DDF40 Basics of Writing for Medical Devices under MEDEV rev. 4 and new Medical Devices Regulations  Room 1
  EMWA Executive Committee Meeting Executive meeting room XVI
  Freelance Business Forum Room I

Saturday 04 November

EPDP Code  Function Name  Room Number
  Easy morning yoga  Room 1
PTF13 Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature  Workshop room II
DDF23 Drug Safety for Medical Writers Part 2: Laboratory Data  Workshop room VI
MSF1 Pharmacology for Medical Writers:The Basics  Workshop room VII
DDA6 Advanced Clinical Study Design  Workshop room IX
DDF35 Introduction to Writing about Efficacy  Workshop room XII
MCF21 Promotional medical Writing: The Dark Side  Workshop room XII
MCA6a Sponsored Symposia at International Congresses: Expanding into Scientific Project Management  Workshop room X
  EMWA Professional Development Committee Meeting Executive meeting room XVI